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Sirolis, founded in 1980, is a company focused on the design, development and innovation of prefabrication concrete solutions where technical requirements, product quality and aesthetics are combined and valued in the market. As a result of its sustainable development strategy, it is differentiated by its capacity for innovation and its facilitating position with the creative community.


Sirolis's ambition is to be one of the protagonists of the precast concrete industry in Portugal, constantly betting on technical innovation, and is recognized as an important contributor to the development of national infrastructures and beyond borders.


Sirolis's mission is to produce and offer the best service to its customers, with quality, innovative and competitive precast concrete products, valuing ethical values in relations with employees and suppliers, respecting the environment and ensuring the perpetuation of the organization as an exercise of its social responsibility.


At Sirolis, we are committed to a culture capable of adapting and evolving without ever losing the principles that distinguish us and guide us to the future. We are entrepreneurs, we learn from different points of view, valuing talent, and we act in a transparent way to make the best decisions, always taking into account the community and the limits of the planet.

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human and partnership perspective.
Social and environmental responsibility


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We choose the satisfaction of our customers as a priority and are committed to ensuring compliance with legal and other applicable requirements. We are committed to optimizing our Quality Management System, establishing and periodically reviewing objectives and goals.

We are committed to promoting continuous improvement of processes and products as a way of maintaining the trust of all interested parties. Guided by the principles of Quality Management, we are also attentive to the effectiveness of all factors that allow the reduction of costs and the increase of profits.

We consider improving the competence of employees and their involvement in activities as key factors in our success.

The company policy is announced during training sessions and is posted on panels at various points in the company, thus ensuring that it is known, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization.

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